Air Compressor Machine For 4 wheeler

850.00 599.00

  • Ready To Use Device.
  • Compact Circular Design.
  • 12 Ft Wire Suitable For Any Vehicles
  • Supported Up to 260Psi Aires Pressure
  • original Image

Availability: In stock (can be backordered)


   Air Compressor Machine Can fill Air when You Got inflate Tyre’s.
And Help You To Get Ready with inflate Tyre’s  there is no one present to help you in middle of Road .
Its a Best Gadgets.To keep with Your Cars And Other Motor vehicle Which Can Give 12V Battery Supply’s.
Its A compact Device Which can easily fit To Cars Front Desk Drover.

यह एक एयर कंप्रेसर पंप है और हवा भर सकता है जब टायर पंचर हो जाते हैं।


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This Air Compressor Machine For 4 wheeler Can be Your In Rs.₹599.00
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