External HDD Enclosure

1,700.00 1,230.00

  •  High quality material, perfect horizontal screwless design
  • Both 2.5″ and 3.5″ HDD can be supported & placed stably .
  • USB 2.0 external interface compatible with USB 1.1 USB 2.0 super speed 480Mbps
  • SATA internal interface.
  • One Year ABC Store Warranty.
  • Equipped with LED lights to indicate different work status • Plug & play, and hot swap •
  • More stable power supply from DC adapter System: Windows Vista,7,8, 10/Linux Fedora Fc8/ Mac OS 10.6.2

The External HDD Enclosure by Technotech is Best Gadgets to convert Internal Hard Drive As External Drive
By Using USB port.
offering an easy and fast way to create an external USB storage drive.
It plug-and-play Gadget , and completely screw-less design and Easy To install.
Just install a 2.5” Or 3.5″ SATA SSD / HHD into the enclosure,
then connect it to a computer via the attached USB 3.0 cable, and it’s ready to work.

The Super Speed USB 3.0 port delivers a blistering data transfer rate of up to 5Gbps,
letting you transfer a large amount of data in seconds. The rugged aluminum casing helps
protect the hard disk drive,perfect Design to Keep Device Cool heat away from the drive for
reliable performance. The built-in LED light indicates the reading or writing status – no more guesswork again.

External HDD Enclosure


The External HDD Enclosure Can Support Both Type Of HDD 2.5′ and 3.5.Ones The HDD Size Of Your Choice Is Installed and Setup. Its Enable You The Freedom to Carry Sensitive Data With You. and Also Ability To Work Almost Anywhere .simply Copy You Data Like Audio,Videos,presentation And Etc. File To HHD And Connect To any compatible Device.

Note: * It perfectly fits bOth size SATA SSD or HDD with maximum capacity of 1.5TB. The SATA SDD and HDD are
not included.


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This External HDD Enclosure Can be Your In Rs.₹1,230.00
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