Writing Screen Tablet 8.5′ Display

500.00 400.00

  • Kids gift
  • Easy writing
  • Single Tuch to clear
  • Non radiative
  • Go green

Writing Screen Tablet is a good Gadgets Impress Your Friend

And Its Best Education Material in Industries As its Keep kids away from dust of Chalk.

In other words kids can live away From Chalk-stick Dust.

You Can Watch Product Review On YouTube .

  • the LCD writing tablet is a very good option for students, for taking notes, memos etc.
  • Here is the LCD Writing Tablet/ Pad review that will give you an idea what this device can do.
  • unboxing Inside the box you will get the tablet, 1x pens as well as carry pouch.
  • LCD Writing Tablet design and features This is a light weight writing pad
  • not exactly a tablet that you might have thought of It is made of plastic, very light weight at 110 grams and very slim with a 4.5mm thickness.
  • This writing pad comes with 1 stylus (pens), you can use the pen provided or other similar pens.
  • This is pressure sensitive device, when you use pen it will leave a light green color impression on the black screen.
  • There is a delete button you can press that button to erase the content on the screen.
  • This LCD Writing Tablet comes with a 8.5 inch screen.
  • LCD Writing Tablet / Pad review The quality is very good, is also durable and there is a removable cell battery that works only with the delete button.
  • This means that if you remove the battery you can still write on the screen but to erase you will need to use the delete button and it will only work when there is a battery inside.
  • therefore the delete function is the only thing that needs the battery as a result  the battery will last for up to 2 years.
  • Verdict I tried using my hand pressure, thumb / finger pressure and there was nothing recorded on the screen.
  • If you use sharp object like the pen or your nail you will get the impression. As for the writing experience it was very smooth, as if you are writing on a paper.
As a Result  very good option for students for rough use, for memos, notes etc.
you can think of many other scenarios where paper usage can be reduced.



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This Writing Screen Tablet 8.5' Display Can be Your In Rs.₹400.00